St. Louis Slate Roofing

St. Louis is arguably one of the most breathtaking Midwestern cities in terms of iconic architecture. From The Loop to The Hill to Forest Park to the Arch grounds, magnificent and classic buildings are all around us. And many of the unique homes that line our historic St. Louis streets feature slate roofs.

There’s really nothing else like slate roofing. A natural slate roof is both beautiful and durable and can last upwards of 100 years if properly maintained (yes, even in unpredictable St. Louis weather). And when it comes to slate roofing, St. Louis homeowners need an experienced roofing company they can rely on. Installing and repairing slate requires patience and skill to which not every St. Louis roofing company can lay claim. When you want the job done right and at a fair price, go with the experts at CWC Roofing.

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CWC Provides Expert Slate Roof Installation and Repair

Natural slate roofs are as functional as they are unique. They also come with a number of advantages, including:

Energy efficiency

Slate roofs keep your home cool, no matter how high the temperature gets outside. Plus, they have the lowest carbon footprint of just about any roofing material out there.


Time and compression have made natural slate the hardest material available. This makes it supremely durable. It will still look good, even after years of temperature change and bad weather.

Water resistance

Nothing keeps out the weather like slate roofing.


A correctly installed and maintained slate roof can easily last for 100 years.


Slate roofs come in a variety of colors and custom gradations, so you’re sure to find the perfect pattern and style to match your home, whether it’s a historic property or a new build.

Slate roof repair or replacement is the right choice for many people in our region.

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