Commercial Storm Damage Repair

When volatile weather swoops into the area, it can have a devastating effect on your business. Major damage to your building can lead to lost revenue and missed opportunities for your company, every day that the damage goes unrepaired. Even minor damage can lead to major concerns as you navigate through the ordeal, addressing the immediate aftermath of the crisis, and then move on to more permanent solutions. Working with your insurance company is only one of these steps to getting back on the path to normal.

When severe weather affects a commercial building it is important to minimize the damage to the facility to get you back in business as quickly as possible.

CWC Roofing understands that no one wants to deal with the consequences of a natural disaster or weather event. It is frustrating and costly, a terrible combination for any business owner. At CWC Roofing, we understand the need to minimize downtime, avoid disruption to your employees and customers, all while being mindful of your unique building’s needs. Oftentimes, business owners must rely on their insurance policies to help mitigate the costs associated with storm damage repairs, which can be a confusing and time consuming operation. We help guide our customers through this process; working wherever we can with you and your insurance company to make every step as painless as possible.

We will help in a myriad of ways, from documenting storm damage for your insurance company to meeting with adjusters as they work on your claim. We pride ourselves on our communication, striving to be as transparent as possible so you can feel good knowing that your project is in expert hands. We can provide temporary roofing solutions and repairs while your claim is being processed to minimize disruption to your business, as well as permanent solutions that will stand the test of time.

CWC Roofing offers unparalleled experience and expertise in emergency roofing repair and in disaster response situations.

We are licensed in 35 states across the U.S. and have capabilities and experience to tackle any sized project. In fact, our national reach and buying power gives us the ability to help tackle large, multifaceted projects. Let us show you how CWC Roofing works to help businesses in your community bounce back after a natural disaster or major weather event. Let us help you get back to normal. Call us today for a free estimate, or simply fill out our form.