Storm Repair/Insurance Claims

Residential Storm Repair Work In St. Louis AND THE MIDWEST

CWC Roofing and Exteriors offers residential storm repair for roofs and siding in St. Louis, and we will assist you with the entire insurance claim process. We have architects and engineers on staff who can evaluate and repair roof damage of any scale, on any type of facility. We are proud to go to bat for our customers during the claims process to make sure your interests are protected. Call our office today for more information on storm damage repair or any of our roofing services.


If you believe your property has been damaged in a storm, we strongly recommend that you inspect your roof, siding, gutters, and windows. Once it is safe to do so, walk the perimeter of your home. Take photographs and make a note of any obvious damage. Don’t forget to check windows for cracks or loose weatherstripping.

Calling A Contractor

Once you have done your initial inspection, it is time to call a licensed roofing contractor for a free inspection. After a big storm, it’s possible that a number of roofers will be jockeying for your contract. It is important to ask for their insurance certificate before allowing any inspection to be done. An inspection by an experienced roofing company will determine the level of damage and if a homeowners insurance claim is needed. Do not ever file an insurance claim without an inspection. We can also provide tarps to prevent any further damage if necessary.

File A Claim

File the homeowners insurance claim. If the inspection determines that the storm damage is bad enough to warrant repair or replacement, then we can work with you through the claim process. We have a 95% success rate in providing accurate advice and working with your insurance company to restore your home.

Authorize Help

Hire representation and give authorization. Once you authorize us to work with your insurance carrier, we will be able to fully assist with the claims and adjustment process. We will be at your property while the insurance representative is on site. As your roofing contractor, we will ensure that the property loss is fairly estimated and that proper compensation is provided.

Rebuild Your Property

When you hire us to repair your roof after storm damage, you will get quality work by skilled craftsmen. We use only the finest materials when we restore your roof, siding, gutters, and windows.
Planning help:
Regardless of the contractor you hire, do not ever put money down. We recommend you have the roofing company deliver the materials to a secure location before starting work.
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