Naples Asphalt Roofing

With the blazing sun, high winds, and unpredictable weather common to this part of Florida, homeowners need quality roof material they can depend on. Luckily, choosing quality shingles at an affordable price is easy with CWC!

When it comes to fiberglass-asphalt shingle roofs, there’s much more variety out there than you may expect. Your options go way beyond the standard asphalt gray! Depending on your priorities and your budget, you can choose 3 tab, architectural, or designer shingles that offer wind, algae, and fire resistance. They give you the protection you need and a look that will enhance your property.

We offer several shingle options that can last 20 years and longer if they are properly installed and maintained. For a cost-effective roofing material that can hold up to Florida weather and look great, shingles may be your best option! 

Row of residential homes and palm tress in Naples, Florida

CWC Provides Expert Shingle Roof Installation and Repair in Southwest Florida

Shingle roofs are a popular choice for families who want durability and curb appeal while they own their home. There’s a reason they remain one of the most popular roofing choices for families in Florida and across the country. They come with a number of advantages, including:

Energy efficiency

Shingle roofs keep your home cool, no matter how high the temperature gets outside. Plus, many shingle types are made from recyclable materials, making them even more sustainable.

Water resistance

With the low-pitched roofs common to Florida homes, you need a weather resistant roof. Shingles installed with resilient water shield give you just what you need to withstand Florida’s rainstorms.


Shingles are low-maintenance and cost-effective, making them perfect for families on a strict budget.


A correctly installed and well-maintained shingle roof can last upwards of 20 years.


Shingled roofs come in a variety of colors and materials, so you’re sure to find the perfect option to keep your home looking great for years to come.

Shingle roof repair or replacement makes financial sense for the people in our state.

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