As we approached this project, we knew that safety would be paramount. The House at Westminster Place, located in the charming Central West End neighborhood of St. Louis, is a group of stately buildings that provide luxury independent living to seniors. Our goal, as we replaced their roof, was to complete the job quickly and safely with minimal disruption to residents. 

These Classic Apartment Buildings Required Professional Service and a Light Touch 

If you’ve ever visited the Central West End, you know that it’s an urban space with a European feel. Even though it’s at the heart of a large city, Central West End offers residential spaces built in a classic style. These homes and apartment buildings are what makes this cozy, upscale neighborhood so special. We knew our roofing project had to live up to the high standards of this unique part of St. Louis. 

We also knew that we had to keep our crew safe on the towering roofs and limited footprint of the House at Westminster Place units. Space was at a premium, and our team made certain we weren’t taking up so much room that we were inconveniencing the wonderful people who lived in these apartments. At CWC, we always make safety a priority, and we took all necessary precautions to ensure that the job was built safely and cleanly. 

As our “before” photos show, we needed to replace an old roof that had been damaged by years of seasonal storms. 

Flexible Payment Options Allowed Us to Finish the Entire Project, Just When the Residents Needed It 

When it comes to the safety of the community we serve, CWC doesn’t cut corners. We’re also aware, however, that big projects like this can represent a big drain on a facility’s finances. We were happy to offer flexible payment options to the House at Westminster Place, so that they could tackle a project of this size right away and get the roof done in a timely fashion – before spring storms hit again!  

As you can see below, our final result was appropriate to the design and absolutely seamless. 

Fast, Precise Work Made This Project a Success  

The residents and the property owners were pleased with the final result of this roofing project. We were able to finish the job with minimal disruption to this friendly community and give them the kind of financing options they needed. 

At CWC Roofing, we want every customer on every project to feel secure in the work we provide. We endeavour to help educate and inform our clients throughout every step of the project. If you would like to learn more about our roofing systems or to schedule your free inspection, call us today.