It is easy to highlight a job when everything goes right. The true test of the value a company can bring comes when almost everything goes wrong. The project that CWC Roofing tackled for Sunrise Villas can provide insight into what to expect when things don’t go according to plan. 

Building A Mixed Income Facility

Sunrise Villas is a large, mixed income housing facility with a large number of elderly tenants. Many of these residents were retired, and often at home during the day. It was vital that CWC tackled the project with minimal disruption for the community. We wanted to ensure that all of the residents were not only pleased with the end result, but also happy throughout the process. 

However, despite all of our best intentions, the job started off with a number of snags. The first issue was that the weather refused to cooperate. As anyone in the midwest knows, the weather can be fickle. With regular precipitation in the forecast, trying to get the project scheduled was a challenge. This challenge was compounded when some materials went missing from the site, causing further issues. 

Luckily, CWC Roofing has an outstanding relationship with many of the roofing supply companies in the area. Our buying power allowed us to get these materials replaced on a truncated timeframe. However, positive relationships cannot keep the rain away, and CWC Roofing was still at the mercy of Mother Nature. Regardless, we still ensured the homeowners that their roofs were properly dried in throughout the project. At CWC we never leave a roofing system open; our superintendents always ensure that the roofs are properly dried in before the end of the day.

The CWC Roofing Difference

While we have the assets and experience of a very large company, we try to operate with the agility of a much smaller organization. Having multiple roofing crews helps with this effort, and as soon as the sun came out again, we were on the job. We were able to shift our crews to accommodate a shortened work schedule, knocking out a new roof. More importantly, we were able to get the roof built without disrupting the residents. The Sunrise Villas project was completed on time, and on budget, despite the issues that initially caused problems. 

Choosing the right roofing company is more than just hiring the cheapest or fastest option. It is more than looking for a company that will offer a quality roof. The right roofing company is the one that can tackle a job when things go wrong; the one with the ability to turn the project around and finish strong. Let CWC Roofing tackle your next project. Contact us today for a free evaluation of your job.