The residents at Mont Claire had a problem. They needed over 200,000 square feet of concrete tile roofing replaced, fast. CWC came through with the workers and materials required to get the job done.

A Time Crunch for Mont Claire Residents

From the very beginning, the timeline for this project was crucial to the customer. The HOA’s insurance was set to expire at the end of January, leaving them in a position of paying astronomical insurance price increases. To avoid these increases and lock in better insurance rates, the property owner needed roofs installed before the end of January. 

This time crunch presented CWC with a big challenge. The ridge our supplier initially delivered was the wrong color, and we were facing another three weeks before the right material could be delivered. To keep the project going, the management team at CWC decided to add manpower and continue installing the field tile on all buildings until the new shipment of ridge was delivered. There was no way we were going to put our clients at risk by ignoring deadlines. With proper planning and enough workers, we finished the hoa roofing services project on schedule, just as we promised. We also made sure that county inspections and engineering reports passed with flying colors.

CWC Understands How Important it is to Finish Roofing Projects on Time

Time management was the most important aspect for this project.  The CWC project management team understood the importance of completing the project within the allotted schedule given. Our experience enabled us to clearly outline the activities of the project and have the necessary skills to plan, schedule, and control the project flow. All in all, our crew completed: 

  • The removal and replacement of 211,000 square feet of concrete tile roofing.  
  • The replacement of 1,700 lineal feet of stucco and flashing.

To achieve the goals within the timetable given, CWC had as many as 50 workers as well as multiple mobile dumpsters, large forklifts, and management onsite daily.

With So Many Moving Parts, Safety Takes Priority

While production and execution were important, safety is always our number one priority.  Throughout the entire process, CWC continued its focus on safety for not only the hundreds of residents coming in and out of the subdivision daily, but also our employees working on the roof.  

We installed safety perimeters around the buildings, safety monitors on the ground, and safety cones to guide traffic. We also required all our employees on roofs to be roped and harnessed per OSHA requirements. These precautions ensure that every one of our crew members are able to go home to their families each night. 

CWC Installs Roofing that will Last 

We pride ourselves on not only providing a quality finished product, but also on installing roofs that will last their full lifetime. At the Mont Claire project, we installed a 2-ply Polyglass underlayment system, which gives residents a secondary water barrier and is backed by a 30 year warranty. This is particularly important in Florida with its tropical climate. Now, residents can feel secure, knowing that their homes are water-tight. 

Our superintendents are knowledgeable when it comes to installing these systems to code and ensuring that the product is installed correctly, according to the manufacturer’s recommendations.

We Address Client Concerns and have the Know-How to Adapt to Any Job Site

The logistics of a project this size can be challenging, especially with the tight deadline and unexpected hurdles this project threw at us! Luckily, the professionals at CWC have the experience and know-how to adapt to any job site. 

We kept in daily communication with the HOA President and board members and did everything we could to meet the client’s deadline. Our field management team adjusted quickly and pushed through any challenges. 

At CWC, we pride ourselves on providing a stellar experience that puts the property owner or association needs first. With proper scheduling, execution, and communication, we were able to complete the HOA roofing services Mont Claire project in the timetable requested, giving our client confidence that they could count on CWC today, next month, and at any point in the future. 

If you would like to learn more about our roofing systems or to schedule your free inspection, contact us today.