Most of the year, we feel very lucky to live in Florida! The beaches, the culture, the friendly communities are all reasons we love making a home here. But along with all the sunshine, Florida gets all the wind, too, especially during hurricane season. 

Along with wind mitigation and storm damage repair, we know how to secure your property from hurricane-strength winds.

If you haven’t yet taken a look at your property and made plans for securing it, now is the time. Here are a few tips:

5 Tips to Help You Prepare Your Home for Hurricane Season 

(1) Double check your windows and doors. Protecting these areas against flying debris is step number one. Hurricane-force winds can hurl objects through glass, posing a real danger to your family. Consider installing impact-resistant glass or a shutter system to protect these areas of your home during a storm. 

(2) Clear your yard of debris. If you haven’t pruned your trees in a while, now is the time, before dead branches become projectiles. You’ll also want to remove patio furniture and other loose items from your yard. There will be plenty of time to entertain guests outside once the storms have passed. 

(3) Check your gutters. It’s always important to keep your gutters and downspouts clean, but it’s especially important during hurricane season. Make sure there’s nothing that can block the deluge of water that a hurricane can bring. Believe us when we say that you don’t want all that water pooling on your roof. 

(4) Brace your garage door. This is something few homeowners think to check. However, a weak garage door can cause plenty of damage, especially if hurricane-force winds enter your home and tear off your garage roof! Make sure that your garage door is installed to withstand heavy winds. If you’re not sure, brace it to add a second layer of strength. 

(5) Check your supplies. Are you ready for an electricity blowout? Sometimes the hurricane doesn’t do that much damage, but the aftermath does. You’ll want basic supplies on hand, like batteries, flashlights, portable water, and nonperishable foods. If you put an emergency kit together now, you’ll have peace of mind, no matter what the storm brings. 

Do You Need a Wind Mitigation Inspection? 

The roofing experts at CWC can look at several key areas of your roof to determine its ability to withstand the onslaught of a storm, from strong winds to water intrusion. Even in a heavy thunderstorm, wind and driving rain can push water into small imperfections in the roof structure. These little imperfections can lead to BIG problems in the long run. In order to prevent such issues, a wind mitigation inspection will help discover any problems and help determine next steps. 

A typical wind mitigation inspection includes: 

  • Research into the year your home was constructed, to help understand the building codes at the time. 
  • An examination of the type of roof; the materials used and the approximate age of the roof.
  • When possible, a look at the decking of the roof. This is the structure that holds your roof in place so it is important that it is solid. 
  • Investigation into the roof to wall attachment, the method in which your roof is attached to the structure. 
  • A review of the shape and slope of the roof, to determine potential weak spots or areas of concern. 
  • An audit of the secondary water resistance to understand materials between the roof decking and the shingles as an extra layer of protection. 
  • A look at any openings in the roof, such as skylights. 

This inspection will help you determine the level of protection you can expect in the event of a storm. Obviously, the newer and stronger your roof is, the more protection it will provide. 

The Right Partner Matters In A Wind Mitigation Inspection

In the state of Florida, wind mitigation inspections can only be performed by a vetted and licensed contractor, architect, engineer, or building inspector. CWC Roofing is proud to offer wind mitigation inspection services in Naples, Southwest Florida, and across the state. Our experienced team can examine your roof and help determine any problem areas that need to be addressed. As a full service roofing contractor we can help offer a plan of attack to ensure your roof is ready for this hurricane season. 

Our team will offer a thorough, eight-point inspection complete with a written report and photographs to document our findings. To understand the entire process, feel free to contact us.

As we head into a busy storm season, a wind mitigation inspection can help to protect your home and offer peace of mind. Perhaps as an added bonus, many insurance plans may offer discounts to homeowners who take the precautionary steps to protect their home from storm damage. Call us today to learn more about the benefits of a wind mitigation inspection.