There is nothing more frustrating than when a problem arises across multiple buildings. This was the case for a multi-family construction project in Naples, Florida. A flawed design had caused issues for the entire community, with persistent leaks across many of the buildings. In order to tackle this job effectively, CWC Roofing worked in tandem with a roofing consultant to get an in depth view of the problem. We were able to design, frame, and construct an advanced system of crickets to improve overall drainage and roof function.

Fixing A Problematic Design

This roof function was vital given the intense rain events that have hit Naples in the past several years. The homeowners association needed to feel completely comfortable with the system that CWC Roofing helped to design. Over the course of the job, we installed a 2-layer Polyglass underlayment system on all of the buildings, with new flashings throughout. The project included  Eagle Capistrano Concrete Tile in a 2-color blend for added style as well as durability. Eagle Roofing Products are one of the many quality vendors that CWC Roofing works with throughout the country. Many of these styles of tiles, traditionally associated with the Spanish style architecture found throughout Florida, are also LEED certified to be energy efficient. This not only provides for a beautiful product, it can also save our customers money and energy. 

In order to keep the homeowners association appraised of our work, our project managers documented every step of the process with drone photography. This allowed our team to help educate the homeowners association on the process and the progress, offering peace of mind to the group. This was particularly important to many residents who lived out of state and could not see the progress first hand. 

The CWC Difference

CWC Roofing was also able to utilize our drone technology to work in tandem with the roofing consultants for the final inspections, showcasing the quality of the craftsmanship on the project. This speaks to a core value of the CWC Roofing team: we build our projects right the first time. In fact, this project earned a 100% passing grade on the first pass. 

Despite these extra steps, we were able to complete the project two months ahead of schedule – on budget, on time, with excellent service. That is the CWC Roofing promise. Of course we don’t expect you to take our word for it. You can see what the homeowners association had to say about the project. 

At CWC Roofing, we want every customer on every project to feel secure in the work we provide. We endeavour to help educate and inform our clients throughout every step of the project. If you would like to learn more about our roofing systems or to schedule your free inspection, contact us today.