Residential SIDING In St. Louis AND THE MIDWEST

CWC Roofing and Exteriors can assist you with residential siding replacement and repair in the St. Louis area, as well as, Central and Southern Florida. Siding not only defines the style of the exterior of your home, it protects it as well. When you want a contractor that can perform siding installation that will last for the long haul and accommodate your refined taste, come to us. We have nearly 100 years of expertise to offer, and we would love to help you invest in your home. Contact us today to get started, or learn more about our siding services below.


There are many types of siding available for your home. Our company primarily installs and repairs vinyl, fiber cement and wood siding. We can help you sort through the options and narrow it down to a product that you’re going to love for many years to come.

Vinyl Siding

We partner with this CertainTeed, Heartland, Royal Building Products and more to deliver the best value and protection available. This siding option is cost-effective, low maintenance, and available in many styles and colors. It is also long-lasting, and some brands come with limited lifetime warranties in regards to color fade or hail damage.

Fiber Cement

Fiber cement imitates the look of wood, shingles and clapboard. It comes in many shapes and sizes. Unlike with wood that has natural variations, you can choose a consistent color for this type of siding, and it has a high fire and insect-resistant rating.


We offer free inspections that will allow us to evaluate the condition of your siding and give you an optimal plan on how to fix it - or replace it if needed. Contact us today for more information.

Installation Work

Using a siding installation company is a smart move, as you will know the job is done right, and to warranty specifications. Our company is experienced, and knowledgeable.
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We install & repair siding throughout St. Louis and the Metro East areas, as well as, Central and Southern Florida.
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