New Construction

new Residential roofing construction In St. Louis AND THE MIDWEST

When you’re doing new residential roofing construction, it’s important to hire an experienced, local roof installation company such as CWC Roofing and Exteriors. Technique and attention to detail are vital to avoid early roof replacement. As one of the area’s largest roofing contractors, we have nearly a century of experience - and more than 10,000 projects under our tool belts. We have earned accreditation by the Better Business Bureau and offer products by GAF, CertainTeed and Owens Corning.


Every part of the roof installation process is checked carefully for quality control by an on-site manager: the wooden decking is attached securely using the right nails in the proper density. If extra support is needed for heavier types of roofing, our architects and engineers will make sure it’s done to code.

Material Choices

From basic to high-end, we can show you a wide range of roof types and price points in asphalt shingles, Spanish tile roofs, wood and slate. Get the look you want with the backing of a quality brand name and an experienced installation crew.

New Construction?

Planning new construction? A new house roof installation gives you a chance to start fresh with the look you want. We can assist you in starting from scratch and designing the roof that matches your plans for a new home.


The waterproof underlayment, also known as roofing felt or tar paper, is another vital layer of protection between wind-driven rain and your decking. Proper gutter installation, insulation and ventilation are just as important as finding the right style. We’ll make the process as easy as possible.

Installation Work

Using a siding installation company is a smart move, as you will know the job is done right, and to warranty specifications. Our company is experienced, and knowledgeable.
Planning help:
Our experienced team can help you with everything from choosing materials to making sure the engineering of the home is sufficient to support the roof you desire. Contact us today to get started.
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