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Here in the Midwest, nature’s assaults against your house roof can be fierce. Talk to a company that has been solving leak problems and creating beautiful new roofs for nearly 100 years. Learn More

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Roof coatings are a cost effective way to both protect your investment and to save on energy costs. There is a lot of coating options - we can help recommend the right one for you. Learn More

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1.How long have you been in business?

Our firm originated in 1996 and was purchased by S. M. Wilson & Co., one of the largest national general contractors, in 2012. S. M. Wilson & Co. was founded in 1921.

2.Are you a member of the BBB?

CWC is a proud member of the BBB. Please feel free to visit Cambridge Wilson & Co. on the BBB site to view our A+ rating.

3.Are you licensed and bonded?

CWC is fully insured, licensed and bonded.

4.How long will it take to install my new roof?

New roofs are typically installed and the property is restored in one day.

5.How does in the insurance claim process work?

The insurance claim process has ten simple steps when working with CWC.

  1. Contact CWC for a free inspection
  2. Upon the finding damage, contact your insurance agent and file a claim
  3. CWC’s licensed staff and your insurance adjuster will meet and review your property damage
  4. After the claim is filed, the insurance processing period will take place
  5. The insurance adjustment will be reviewed by CWC’s licensed staff to ensure maximum benefit
  6. A contract will be negotiated and signed
  7. Materials will be shipped to your home the day before installation and the material payment will be due to CWC
  8. Your roof will be installed
  9. Our 21-point quality and satisfaction inspection will be completed and final payment will be due
  10. You will be issued detailed project information, warranty certificates, quality inspection certificates, Waivers of lien, a bill of sale, a comprehensive list of the services provided and future contact information.

6.How can I choose a legitimate roofer?

  • Choose a firm that is licensed, insured and bonded.
  • Select a contractor that will keep your warranties intact and work with your insurance agent.
  • Make sure your contractor offers lien wavers.
  • Do not work with firms that offer to pay your deductible. Paying your deducible is a fraudulent practice.

7.What do I do if my property has storm damage?

Contact a reputable roofing contractor to provide you with a free inspection of your damage. That contractor should then assist you through the claims process, acting as an agent on your behalf.

8.If damaged by hail, do I need to replace my roof immediately?

Hail damage may not immediately pose a threat to the integrity of your roof. However, most insurance companies have a timeframe in which a hail damage claim can be made. The earlier you make your claim the less likely you are to exceed this timeframe.

9.How can I tell if there is hail damage on my roof?

Hail damage strips off the outer granules of a shingle. Spots where hail hit will have the underlying asphalt or fiberglass backing of the shingle exposed. Contact a roofing contractor for assistance in identifying storm damage.

10.Will I need to provide a down payment before you begin work on my roof?

Never, no reputable roofing firm will request payment up front before materials are delivered to your site.

  • jennifer.luber
    5 Star Rating

    "CWC Roofing & Exteriors completed our roof last Summer after a couple of nasty hail storms and did a wonderful job! We recommended them to several of our neighbors who also seemed very pleased with their results."

  • marilynmiller
    5 Star Rating

    "These guys were very professional, they finished their work in one day, and had a dedicated safety person on site at the beginning of the installation. When they left, I could not even tell they had been there."

  • spill10
    5 Star Rating

    "This was one of the most professional businesses I have ever had the pleasure of working with. The customer service they provided from start to finish was impeccable along with the roof they installed. I highly recommend working with them and going with the integrity roof system. You will not regret it."

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